Honoring Marriage

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Did you realize that honoring your marriage vows affects every area of your children’s lives for their lifetime? Research shows that God’s plan for the family really is the best for us, our children and our society.

In college I had an appealing English professor who said we should do away with marriage. “After all, what difference does a piece of paper make?” It was a radical view back then, but now many in our society believe this professor’s view and no longer value marriage.

God esteems marriage and tells us to also. Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage should be honored by all” (NIV). After all, marriage was God’s idea. He created it, defined it and blessed it. God is not only the author of marriage, having created us, He knows what’s best for us.

One way we honor marriage and experience its blessing is to practice the definition God gave in Genesis 2: the two shall become one flesh—one man forsaking all others was joined to one woman for life. This “one flesh” union is repeated in Ephesians 5 illustrating the mystery of Christ’s relationship to the church. Entering marriage with an “as long as love lasts” attitude does not work well or represent God’s idea of marriage.

Parenting expert and columnist John Rosemond wrote that the children of unmarried, cohabiting parents are at higher risk for most of the problems associated with children without a father in the home. His list for the latter group included asthma, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity, smoking and delinquency. They do poorer in school, and as young adults are more likely to be in jail. As adults they earn lower wages. 1

In North Carolina we have a rare opportunity to honor marriage by voting for the marriage amendment on May 8. This amendment keeps the definition for marriage the same as it has been since the beginning of time. It does not change anything or take away the rights of anyone. It prevents one person (a judge) from having the power to override the will of the majority. (For more on why it is good to protect marriage click here.)

Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people, (Proverbs 14:34, NIV). Because some have abused the good institution of marriage does not mean something is wrong with this time old tradition. God knows that it takes two to make a marriage last. Let us each do our part to honor marriage.


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1 John Rosemond, Lack of Marriage Puts Kids at Risk, The New & Observer, Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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  1. Tara Furman

    Amen! Well said. Thank you for your courage to stand firm despite criticism that may come. I’m with you sister!

  2. Marilyn Couch

    Debbie, I’m forwarding this on to others. Thank-you for always
    speaking the Truth in love.

  3. Brenda Bost

    Well written Debbie, and Praise God for you! We have, as a nation strayed so far away from God’s plan for our lives. This is a good reminder that when we choose to follow God’s plan for our lives, then we will find His perfect will for us. We certainly don’t have to right or authority to change something created by a Perfect, Holy God.

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