What if I told you God cares more about you than your performance?

By exploring the lives of the people commended by God in Hebrews 11, Little Faith, Big God will inspire you to persevere in your faith. These biblical men and women failed, got up again, yet finished well.

Biblical principles will help you separate false hope from real faith. Present-day stories will encourage you, and guiding questions invite personal reflection, application, and discussion. Let’s trade our self-made superhero capes for a dynamic, grace-filled relationship with our big God.

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Little Faith, Big God Leader’s Guide

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This Bible study guide offers all you need to know to lead a class with the "Little Faith, Big God" book, including:

  • a sample invitation,
  • link to trailer
  • suggestions on introducing the class
  • guide to facilitating a group
  • additional insights on each chapter
  • recordings of a small group going through each week

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What others are saying about "Little Faith, Big God"

“Our Bible study group just finished up, Little Faith Big God. … We all agreed it’s been our favorite study ever!!”

Donna Stewart Smith

“In Little Faith, Big God, Debbie helps reshape our perspective of the spiritual giants that have gone before us. She reminds us that while some stumbled under the weight of their trials, it didn’t ruin their relationship with God, but actually helped to refine it! In this new study, Debbie takes us on a wonderful journey through the Bible and reminds us that ‘impossible problems are no problem for a big God.”

Amy Richissin

Development Officer, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

It’s difficult to remember the biblical saints were often originally no more saintly than you or I. God accomplished his will using real people with real struggles, and fortunately, perfect performance was not required. Nor is it for you and me. Debbie Wilson’s book, Little Faith, Big God, explores God’s Word through interactive reflections and exercises that will encourage easy application and deepen your walk with Christ.”

Deb DeArmond

writing coach and award-winning author of Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes, Spokesperson for StoryRunners

Little Faith, Big God looks creatively at the age-old faith stories found in Hebrews 11. The insights are fresh and the daily questions helped me to discover both a deeper understanding of Scripture and the true condition of my own heart. The exercise of digging deep into these truths and learning to apply them will make this a faith-changing book for long time Jesus followers and those new to the journey.”

Elizabeth Murphy

speaker and author of A Roller Coaster, A Roundabout, and a Road Trip

Have you ever worried that God is displeased with your lack of faith? Feared that you have fallen short in your walk with him? Debbie Wilson answers those kinds of faith-issue questions and more in Little Faith, Big God. This thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining study will bring you deeper into your relationship with God. You will never think about faith in the same way again!”

Julie Zine Coleman

managing editor for Arise Daily and author of Unexpected Love

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