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Interview with Patricia Holbrook on Little Strength, Big God on her God-Sized Stories Podcast

Debbie shares her incredible journey of faith and discovering a God greater than her Goliaths.

She opens up about her tendency to obsess over problems and her never-ending to-do list, often feeling the weight of having to fix and do everything. But she reminds us all of an important truth – God does not expect us to carry the burdens alone.

Flourish-Meant Podcast: Little Strength, Big God with Debbie W. Wilson

Debbie shares her own journey of shedding burdens and finding rest in Jesus, emphasizing the importance of trusting in His strength rather than relying on our own. 

Same interview on YouTube.

Debbie W. Wilson – How to Recognize and Resist Spiritual Warfare

​The Secret to Finding Strength for Tough Moments with Cynthia L. Simmons

Flourish-Meant Podcast: When Your Faith Feels Small with Debbie W. Wilson

Becoming All God Wants You to Be with Cynthia L. Simmons

Heart of the Matter Radio

Calm in the Chaos of Life with Susan B. Mead and Debbie W. Wilson

Podcast with Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory on Flawed but Fabulous


Linda Evans Shepherd’s Youtube interview with Debbie W. Wilson: Praying for a Husband

Little Strength, Big God on Discerning the Times Podcast with Denita Thomas

Seize the Day! Live Your Purpose

How to Know You’re Going to Heaven, Knowing God Ministries 

15 minute YouTube interview: Give Yourself a Break with Monica Schmelter

The Role of Faith in Your Everyday Life with Anne Walsh of Painless Universal

15 minute YouTube interview: Give Yourself a Break with Monica Schmelter


Featured Article:

How to Defeat Your Giant with the Right Focus | November 29, 2023

A sonogram and follow-up MRI revealed a dirty mass I couldn’t ignore. My unwelcome intruder grew ten feet when my doctor referred me to an oncologist. Both my parents and father-in-law died of cancer. My stomach twisted when I pictured entering the towering UNC Cancer Center—as a patient.

Some family members urged me to hasten my surgery. “We need to know if it’s cancer. If so, what stage?”

I understood. If we know our giant’s name, we know what we’re up against. My giant led me to David and Goliath.  READ MORE at More to Life Magazine.

“I’m Tired of Being Afraid!”

By Debbie W. Wilson, page 26 of Book Fun Magazine

Author interview

with Davalynn Spencer

Author interview

with Michele Morin

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