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God created you to enjoy Him and walk by faith, but sometimes the Bible is confusing and seems irrelevant to the daily grind.

Drawing from her decades of working as a Christian counselor and Bible teacher, Debbie created Bible studies to help you live connected to Christ and free from critical thoughts and unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes we need a guide. Select the book that's best for you.

Enhance your Bible reading with three easy steps.

1. Approach the Bible with childlike wonder (Luke 18:16).

2. Look to the Holy Spirit for understanding (1 Corinthians 2:9-10, 14-16).

3. Choose the best plan for you, whether a book of the Bible or a Bible study book.


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GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: Discover the Secrets to God’s Rest

Donation: $20.00


Donation: $20.00


Donation: $20.00


Donation: $20.00

Look What I Found

A Children’s Picture Book by Brant Wilson

Brant Wilson tells a simple, playful story through fun watercolors about seeking what you think you want but finding what is truly important.

Yes, I will help give hope today!


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SMALL GROUP Opportunities

The Harbor is an ongoing small group for men and women. Learn more about The Harbor as well as our small group studies for women.

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