Little Women, Big God by Debbie W. Wilson
Did you know Jesus’ family tree is full of shady women?

Meet the surprising women in Jesus’ family tree and see how the quality of your life is not determined by the size of your problems but by the size of your God.

Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary show:

• How to avoid panicking when God gives you more than you can handle
• How to triumph after betrayal and tragedy
• How to walk each day knowing you are handpicked by God

Thought-provoking questions and insights help you walk through grief, choose a mate, and forgive yourself and your enemies. Get your copy today. Also available in Spanish.

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Available in SPANISH

Un Dios mas Grande Que mis Problemas

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Little Women, Big God includes a fun personality test to connect you with the biblical characters in the book. To go deeper with understanding your own personality, take the FREE How Well Do You Know Yourself Quiz.

Little Women, Big God Official Trailer

“Flawed but Fabulous”

I had a rich time talking with Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory on their podcast about the women in Jesus’ genealogy.

Flawed but Fabulous

by Grits 'n Grace Girls Podast

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Little Women, Big God by Debbie W. Wilson

Little Women Big God Leader’s Guide

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This Bible study guide offers all you need to know to lead a class with the accompanying book, Little Strength, Big God. It includes a sample invitation, suggestions on introducing the class, facilitating a group, and insights into each chapter. *This is a free PDF download.

What others are saying about Little Women, Big God

“Women in the Church today are hungry for excellent Bible study material, and this book will be such a blessing to those who use it.
Diane Passno

Bible teacher, Senior Vice President (retired), Focus on the Family

“In her new Bible study, Debbie brings new perspective on how to see ourselves in the lives of these unlikely women. These pages filled with truth helped me to realize the wonder and matchless love that a Big God has for this little woman. May all my days be spent boldly living out that love and truth.”
Amy Richissin

Development Officer, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

“Using the stories of the women of old, Little Women, Big God shows you how to overcome your trials.”
DiAnn Mills

Author of Deadlock and Deadly Encounter

​”We all have a story to tell, a story worth telling, a story that is an intricate part of God’s great story of hope. But deep down we wonder if God can really use us. In this in-depth study of women in the Bible, Debbie Wilson opens the door to how God worked in their lives . . . and how he works in yours.”
Rich Miller

Author, Speaker, President, Freedom in Christ Ministries-USA

“With the timeless power of God’s Word, Debbie Wilson fearlessly addresses issues that crush modern women and make them feel small. From familiar problems like fertility to forgiveness, Debbie gently leads us to follow the examples of women in Scripture who have wrestled and found God’s healing solutions.”
Amy Carroll

Speaker and Writer, author of Breaking Up with Perfect, Proverbs 31 Ministries

​”Are your problems threatening to crush you? Debbie Wilson’s outstanding book, Little Women, Big God, shows you where to take them. Our help comes from our big God. Take a deep breath, settle down, pull yourself together. Help and hope are here.”
Nancy Cobb

Speaker, Author of multiple books, including The Best Thing I Ever Did for My Marriage

​“What an incredible study on this precious tapestry of little women with a BIG GOD! Each week you will have the joy of looking at life from a different woman’s example of truly experiencing God in the midst of life’s joys and challenges. Thank you, Debbie, for drawing us to our BIG GOD, who loves each of his little women with such an intimate eye on our lives. May each of you who choose to go on this journey learn that our God is a creative Father, who has a very personal plan and purpose for each of his daughters!”
Nancy M. Wilson

Global Ambassador/Cru, Author, Speaker, StoryWave Director

​“Debbie Wilson makes each woman in this study so real and timely—the challenges each woman faced ARE relevant to us today. Debbie skillfully opens our eyes to this connection. Little Women, Big God is refreshing, thought-provoking, and encouraging while showing us that nothing is too big for God. This is one Bible study you don’t want to miss! I truly didn’t want it to end.”
Lisa Grimes

President and CEO, PurThread Technologies / Chair, Lighthouse Ministries

“I love Debbie Wilson’s Bible studies. She always brings a fresh perspective from Scripture and shows me another view of Truth. When I read her material I am always empowered to make wiser, stronger choices and I am freer to be who God created me to be. She is a perfect blend of Grace and Truth, and Little Women, Big God is no exception.”
Jane S. Wolfe

Founder and Executive Director, Dew4Him Ministries, Inc.

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