The Secret to Inner Strength

Someone has said that humans are the only creatures who run faster when they are lost. Rushing through life not only zaps our physical, emotional, and spiritual strength, it nudges us off course. Pauses ground us and help us evaluate our direction. Otherwise, like a rat on a wheel, we wear ourselves out going nowhere or worse, arrive miles away from our desired destination.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to pause! My life is too busy.”

Pauses are needed most in busy times. We don’t usually rest from “resting!” Consider the following:

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it, (Isaiah 30:15, NIV).

How do we make rest and quietness a part of our schedules? In the car, try turning off the radio and your phone for part of your drive. Savor the quiet and connect with God. Thank Him for the beauty of the season, the opportunities before you, your friends and family. Lift up those He brings to mind. Sing praise songs. At the end of the day, cast what didn’t get done on Him. Thank Him for His faithfulness.

Keep a good book or audio book in the car. When you are stuck waiting at train crossings, carpool lines, or for an appointment, you won’t feel so frustrated. The delay becomes a treat.

Sit on a porch or take walks with your spouse, friend, child, or alone. Notice your surroundings. Appreciate the dark flat leaves of a magnolia and the lacy lime fronds of a fern. Listen to bird trills in the morning and deep bull frog croaks in the evening. Breath in the honeysuckle, jasmine, pine, or whatever perfumes your area. Breath out the stress. Smile.

Some tips from others:

On Doing Less and Enjoying it More, Janis posted this great response for times you sense God doesn’t want you to commit: I would love to say, “yes”, but I need to say “no,”

A woman who runs several social media groups stopped internet at her home. She takes her laptop to the library to write, email and work. When she is at home, she is all there.

A realtor told me that she turns off her cell phone at suppertime. She keeps it off the rest of the night five days a week.

Many families limit television and computer games.

A couple told their friends and family that they were turning off all electronics for 24 hours every weekend. No email, texting, tweets—no interruptions. If an emergency arises, someone has to contact them the old fashioned way; drop by.

These families are enjoying the benefits these breaks provide. In the above verse, Israel “would have none of it” and paid a high price. God has not only given us permission to rest, He has shared the secret to strength and liberation. May we listen.



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  1. janis

    That was the verse the Lord gave me after I injured both hands and forearms cleaning carpet with a heavy machine. My hands and arms hurt for months and I could not do normal activities….a show stopper. I had been going too fast in service to Him, and had not really prayed about all my activities to see if they were FROM HIM. I am healed now, but want to remember that lesson!

  2. Renee Peebles

    I so enjoy your blog Debbie. Great tips the car thing I already do. My hubby on the other hand has noise always in his ear, a tv always on, his cell attached to his hip and just no rest for him…so I will gently suggest some of these things. Thanks so much.

  3. Pat

    Just lost my note I started….will I ever learn this MacBook?….Debbie thanks for sharing….I seem to forget sometimes that rest and quietness is where God loves to meet us the most.

  4. Earle Finley


    We are always blessed and refreshed by your Godly wisdom.

    Happy memorial Day weekend,

    Earle & Sara


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