Does God Care About My Doubts?

“I’d like to taste your chicken salad. Do you give samples?” my friend asked our server.

“No ma’am. We don’t,” he said and left us to our menus.

“I guess I’ll order something else,” she said.

As we enjoyed our meal the manager dropped by our table to ask how our food was. We told her it was great. Then my friend repeated her question.

“We aren’t able to offer samples because we make each dish fresh when it’s ordered,” she said.

That answer was much more satisfying. There was a legitimate reason they wouldn’t offer a sample. But I still wasn’t convinced. I couldn’t imagine them making one serving of chicken salad at a time.

When I arrived home I received an email from my friend who frequents the restaurant we’d just left. She’d remembered that their chicken salad was not the prepared dish we were picturing. It’s a salad with grilled chicken on top. I laughed at our misunderstanding.

Chicken Salad and the Bible 

Some Bible passages seem offensive to me when I first read them. As I’ve been reading through the Old Testament I’ve questioned God about some of His ways. I know His ways are perfect. But sometimes they don’t look that way. I wrestled through some of His laws and the book of Job. Add to this the suffering I see around me. I chose to trust Him, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I’ve asked:

  • Why would God allow Job to suffer so much loss, pain, and misunderstanding when God Himself said no one was as righteous as Job?
  • Why did God treat slaves differently than free people and women differently than men?
  • Why does God allow unrighteous judges today to take away the rights of the innocent to protect the wicked?
  • Why does He allow a believing saint to suffer on a deathbed of pain and the wicked to peacefully die in their sleep?

While God satisfied some of my unease, He used the chicken salad incident to quiet lingering doubts. I realized that if a restaurant run by mere humans had good reasons for what first appeared to be arbitrary rules, my perfect and loving Father also has good reasons for His laws and ways of running the world.

On the tails of the restaurant experience I watched a video of a butterfly struggling to escape his cocoon. Because the wrestling took so long someone cut open the rest of the cocoon to free the butterfly.

I’m sure they thought they were being merciful. But interfering with God’s plan left the butterfly with an ugly bloated body and dwarfed wings. The long struggle produces the butterfly’s strength and beauty. Without it he is condemned to only crawl and never fly.

God is like the ocean; I’m like a child trying to understand the mysteries of the deep from my small pail of water. #faith, #devotional Share on X

God is like the ocean; I’m like a child trying to understand the mysteries of the deep from my small pail of water. I can’t understand someone so much higher and bigger than I am. But I can trust that He is wiser and more loving than I can imagine.

Job got the opportunity to bring his questions to God. Instead of explaining the background of Job’s circumstances and His good intentions for Job, God asked Job to explain the mysteries of the seen world.

If Job couldn’t explain the mysteries of creation, how could he hope to understand the mysteries of the Creator? Job’s questions evaporated in that tiny glimpse of God’s majesty.

I used to say that some questions won’t be answered until we get to heaven. Now, I think that when I see the Lord my questions won’t matter any more.

“Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful” (James 5:11 ESV).

Question: When has something that at first disappointed you turned out better than you’d imagined?



5 Tips for Dealing with Doubt

I used to say that some questions won’t be answered until we get to heaven. Now, I think that when I see the Lord my questions won’t matter any more. #hope, #faith Share on X

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  1. Ann Musico

    I love this and I can so relate. The time that came to me immediately was when I was a secretary in a spice company and just wanted to work for a lawyer (why I don’t know…but I did lol!). I had no previous experience and interviewed at an office that seemed wonderful but I didn’t not get the job. I was so disappointed – but 2 weeks later one of the other partners was looking for a secretary and had seen me – called me back in and I got the job. One of the girls I worked with is now my sister in law and being in her wedding was how I met my husband. God had it all worked out all along and better than I ever imagined.

    • Debbie Wilson

      WOW! What a fantastic testimony of God’s surprising ways! Thanks so much for sharing that, Ann.

  2. Sue Schechtman

    First I love that there are other people that want to know why as much as I do.
    The biggest situation I could think of to answer the question. I tried for many years to get pregnant while my sister got pregnant on a dime including an abortion. We ended up adopting Ben and Brandi, 7 and 2 1/2. About a year or so later I got pregnant. So now I have an amazing family. Ben 33, Brandi 28, and Andrew 22 plus 6 grandchildren. When we are all together, which isn’t often enough, I just sit and stare in unbelief and gratefulness.
    However, that has not stopped this inquisitive mind. God is so patient.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Sue, what a sweet story and reminder of God’s goodness even in our confusion. Thank you so much for sharing it today. And I’ve found my questions have led me to a deeper appreciation of God and His wisdom. I’m glad He’s patient!

  3. Melissa Henderson

    Debbie, what a great post. Years ago, my husband and I were disappointed when we couldn’t find just the right beach house to purchase. Well, there was a reason for that. God knew our income would change and we wouldn’t be able to afford extra payments. We finally realized God had a plan and the plan was for us to be frugal with money because tight times were coming. We were disappointed in the beginning and then, very thankful for God’s plan. 🙂

    • Debbie Wilson

      Melissa, some things we don’t understand until afterwards. How special that you can now see God was protecting you not dismissing you. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Hearing those stories helps us when we don’t see.

  4. bethany mcilrath

    Oh my goodness, chicken salad versus chicken salad. That’s a fantastic (and humorous!) illustration. This post is wonderful and thought-provoking. I especially appreciate this beautiful line, thank you! “Job’s questions evaporated in that tiny glimpse of God’s majesty.” Amen!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Bethany, isn’t that funny? The waiter probably thought we were crazy! We each knew what we were talking about and yet neither of us understood the other. I loved how God used that to help me realize I am not in a place to judge His choices!

  5. a spirit of simplicity

    I have never wondered why God allows bad things to happen. I’ve never questioned that. I’ve wandered though…many times. I always seem to find my way back.

    • Debbie Wilson

      I think we can wander in different ways. But the Holy Spirit in us woes us back home again. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Rebecca Jones

    I never understood a lot of things but if you ask the Holy Spirit to read with you it is He who teaches. Job is widely misunderstood. God don’t sick the devil on him, the devil approached God with accusations, the blood of Jesus is there now and he can’t do that, so he accuses and confuses us. The Old Testament leads to Jesus, it took God a long time to implement redemption. Jesus freed women like no one else had. And the butterfly story, I didn’t know that at all, no wonder God allows us to exercise faith and discipline. I love butterflies and new creatures. 2 Corinthians 5:17

  7. Rebecca Jones

    Sorry, I meant didn’t sick the devil on him.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Got it. Yes, Jesus changes everything. Thanks, Rebecca.

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