Are you willing to change the way you eat? If you’re like me, it might be a struggle. I’ve been challenged by Dr. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study” to begin some dietary changes. The struggle to change my eating habits has been compounded by some personal stubbornness. There are some foods I just don’t want to give up. Webster defines stubborn as refusing to yield or comply. Being stubborn over certain things may not be such a bad thing but to become stubborn with things important to God and to those I love can be harmful. [1]

There are numerous examples in the Bible where God states that He is prevented from bringing help to people because they were stubborn. [2] Where does stubbornness come from and how can I be protected from its grip?

Stubbornness comes from an independent heart. [3] It’s an internal insistence to stay in control. The impetus to stay in control might be because I feel: a lack of control in other areas, I don’t want to give up what is comfortable, I really know what is best for me, it wouldn’t do any good to change, or I really can’t change anyway.

The Bible says that we are all born with an independent heart that is intent on calling the shots. Have you noticed that it’s next to impossible to reason with a stubborn person. That’s because it’s a heart issue, not a head issue.

Stubbornness loses its grip when one responds to the Holy Spirit. [4] Debbie and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons. I was not born with natural rhythm but to my amazement as I follow the steps of my instructor and get them down, I grow in my sense of rhythm. As we respond to the Holy Spirit and trust Him for decisions and direction, He will create within us a heart and ability to yield and trust.

May we respond to the Holy Spirit and not allow unhealthy stubbornness to prevent us from experiencing God’s rhythm for our lives.

Praise: * For those who have a new life with Jesus Christ.
* For families who are re-uniting.
* For the folks who are learning to love rather than to please.

Pray:  * For the single parents and their children who need healing, security, and joy.
* For the spiritual growth of the women in Debbie’s upcoming Bible Study.
* For sufficient financial support for Lighthouse.
* For couples to progress in emotional and physical intimacy.

Thank you for your friendship and support. Sometimes we get a little weary and feel a little isolated because our ministry deals with confidential issues. So the Lord really uses you to help and encourage us so we can help and encourage many who are going through personal storms.


[1] Matthew 23:37 & 38
[2] Hosea 4:16
[3] Isaiah 53:6
[4] Acts 7:51, Galatians 5:22 & 23

Special Note:

Women who would like information about Debbie’s upcoming Spiritual Growth group at Lighthouse, should contact our office at (919) 469-2477. The group will meet on Monday nights Beginning September 11 th from 7:15 — 9:15 and will be studying Jennifer Kennedy Deans’ book “Live a Praying Life.”

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