The Protection of Closed Doors

Our family was praying about an opportunity. The more we learned, the better it sounded. Yet, there were still many unknowns. As I prayed for God’s guidance, Revelation 3:7 came to mind, “These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open” (NIV).

I asked the Lord to be the doorkeeper for us. “If this is Your will, Lord Jesus, please open this door in such a way we can’t help but walk through. However, if in Your all-knowing wisdom, You don’t want us to go through this door, please clearly close it so that we will know to walk away.”

What I feared was having our emotions lure us into something that looked good on the outside, but contained hidden problems. My other concern was that the decision would fall into the gray zone where we weren’t clear on what to do. I was asking for a clear “yes” or clear “no.”

Larry called after the opening bid was set for the property we were considering. They wanted 33% more than the original sale price. This was a very clear answer. This was not a deal, but robbery.

I was disappointed with the outcome, but rejoiced that the Doorkeeper had clearly shut the door. I have no doubt that He initiated and answered my prayer.

What decision looms over you today? Have you asked the Doorkeeper to guard your way. He will if you want Him to.


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  1. Earle Finley


    Isn’t God good? Father knows best.


    Earle & Sara

  2. janis

    That is a tremendous word of wisdom! Our All-knowing God is the only One who sees and knows everything. What a great prayer. We face decisions too that need His guidance and direction. I will pray those same prayers. Thanks again for sharing. What you write is always edifying and worth reading. Keep it up!

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