Simple Riches

Gratitude makes us rich. Sometimes we don’t appreciate the incredible gifts we enjoy daily until we face the possibility of losing them. A woman tending her dying husband remarked, “What we would give for one ordinary day together.”

This week our nation celebrates Thanksgiving. For the one who knows Christ, everyday should be filled with thanksgiving, yet in the busyness of life, it is easy to take our blessings for granted, or focus on what we appear to lack, or on perceived problems, and miss appreciating the true riches that are ours.

What blessings make your list this year? Here are a few things that came to my mind.

  • When I was pregnant, good food made me nauseated. After that experience I thank God that I can enjoy my food and that I live in a place of bounty!
  • When I stick my hand in my purse, I can find my keys, a mint or lipstick in the dark. I thank God for the sense of touch.
  • When I hear beautiful music, my soul is touched. I thank God for music and the ability to hear and enjoy it.
  • When I look out my window, I see a bounty of color: red and gold leaves, blue sky, pink and green camellia bushes. I thank God for the seasons and eyes to behold their beauty.
  • We’ve traveled in areas without running water and lived for a year in a house that only had a tub and not a shower; every morning I thank God for my hot shower.
  • James 1:17 reminds us that every good gift comes from God. I am thankful I know God through His Son Jesus.

When I stop and give thanks, something happens in me. I realize how rich I am. Consider some of the blessings a grateful person experiences and passes on:

  • Generosity — Those who are truly grateful are gracious with others. Gratitude is a form of grace.
  • Peace — Being conscious of the grace received brings with it awareness of the Giver of that grace. Whenever our minds are focused on Christ we experience peace.
  • Witness to the world — A grateful person at peace with God lights up a room. It was the witness of a group of students giving thanks in a difficult circumstance that drew my own heart to Christ.
  • God’s pleasure — Remember the ten lepers that were healed? Only one returned to thank Jesus (Luke 17:15-16). Thanksgiving blesses Jesus, the giver of our good gifts.

Larry and I are grateful for you and hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday. May we learn to recognize our simple riches and make thanksgiving a central part of every day and experience.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. Gwen

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Wilson’s. Will you be traveling or hosting? Thanks again for lighting up my world every week. I love your blog!

  2. Earle Finley


    Beautiful thoughts from a heart made beautiful by our Lord!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Larry and the family,

    Earle Finley

  3. Tracey Horton


    Thanks so much for the gentle reminder! I have enjoyed our paths crossing more over the last couple of months. I am truely grateful for what God is doing in my life, and look forward with great expectations for what He will do in the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Larry!

  4. keita ikeda

    Luke 17 is one of my favorite passages because someone showed me that:
    1) These lepers were the only folks outside of the disciples who call Jesus “Master”
    2) The one who came back to thank Jesus was a Samaritan.
    3) Jesus: “Where are they?” is actually tranlated “They are where?” – Jesus is sovereighn. He knows where they were, but astonished.

    To be healed from a disease that excluded him from fellowship… Must have been amazing. And to be able to personally give thanks to God, at his feet, face to face, even more amazing!

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