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Are you hard on yourself?

Do ever wrestle with —

  • Worry and regret?
  • Messy emotions and renegade thoughts?
  • Living under performance and unrealistic expectations?

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How do we experience God’s strength when life presses in?

For over four decades, Debbie has helped hundreds of women develop a deeper connection with Christ and experience a richer life of purpose and freedom. Her speaking, coaching, and writing provide timeless wisdom for modern challenges.


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Father of Lies Part 7: Victory Over Temptation

Father of Lies Part 7: Victory Over Temptation

What comes to mind when I say “Temptation”? When I asked a group this question, one woman squealed, “Fun!” The rest of us laughed as images of favorite treats danced through our minds. The devil works overtime to make us view temptation as nothing more than a harmless...

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New Children’s Book: Wonder of Life

New Children’s Book: Wonder of Life

Have you wanted a fun way to introduce the children in your life to the creation story? Last October I introduced Joan Benson and Marjory Wingert and their inspiration for a new series of children's books to you. Their newest...

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Don't live in regret.

One of the biggest regrets women express after experiencing a closer relationship with the Lord is they wish they’d begun sooner. They wish they could redo the past with their renewed perspective. Don’t let that be you. Enjoy the peace and joy of refreshed faith. Start today!

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