Battle Fatigue

Fatigue makes cowards of us all –Vince Lombardi

Life is filled with battles, and battles are exhausting, even when you are fighting for good. When fatigue sets in, we lose our spark and become vulnerable to discouragement. We can also become careless about choices we make.

At Lighthouse we are helping people in their battles for healthy marriages, families, and their own personal lives. We’ve found that God’s help in two important areas propels us through battle fatigue.

Insight – What we see and believe affects our ability to press ahead in hard times. If we don’t see the progress or miss the value of our effort we become disheartened and physically and emotionally worn down. When we grasp the eternal ramifications and remember that God is with us in the battle, then the effort has meaning.

Such insight doesn’t come from wishful thinking. Spending personal time with God and His word helps us know His values and more readily recognize the accomplishments that are occurring. (Hebrews 12:1-3, Job 37:14-24, 1 Corinthians 2:12-16, Psalm 107:43).

Integrity – When a battle drags on or becomes particularly intense, we are tempted to seek pleasurable distraction or relief. If in this search we compromise our integrity with unwise choices, we undermine our strength. Integrity protects us from a burdened conscience. A compromised conscience is an unnecessary load to haul around during an important battle.

We pray that you and those important to you will not be hindered by battle fatigue and that you will know true victory is at hand. You are valuable to God and to us.

As 2011 draws to an end would you please consider Lighthouse Ministries with your year-end giving as we continue to hold out God’s light for others? And may you have a very blessed and merry Christmas.


Cartoon used by permission of Saturday Evening Post

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  1. Ann Johnson

    Thanks. I know personally about being “battle weary”. Thanks for the wisdom you’ve given.

    Love you,

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