Troy Aikman, former all-pro quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, spoke through tears at a recent news conference of his memories and sadness over being released by his team. The Cowboys said they wanted to go in a different direction which didn’t include Troy Aikman. A perky nine-year-old girl told me how hard it was to eat her dinner, seeing her dad’s empty chair. He left the family to pursue other interests. Several other couples have told me they have felt abandoned by their spouses even though they are still living together. They share responsibilities but not their inner thoughts and so they feel they are unknown and rejected.

Whether it’s with our occupation, family, or friends, rejection can stun us or cause piercing personal pain.   When we are rejected by someone important to us, we can become consumed with hurt, anxiety or discouragement.  We doubt ourselves, our future and even God.

No one has faced or conquered rejection like Jesus Christ.  Consider these two perspectives that come from John 1:10-13 which speak of Him facing rejection.

1). Rejection doesn’t reflect our true worth. Jesus Christ made the world but those in the world didn’t receive Him. He came to give people true life, but He wasn’t received because He didn’t fit into their plans for the type of Messiah they wanted. Troy Aikman didn’t fit into the plans for the type of team the Cowboys wanted and my nine-year-old friend doesn’t fit into the way her dad wants to spend his time. My true value as a person isn’t determined by how well I fit into another’s plans, it’s determined by God Who created me and how I fit into His plans.

2). Rejection often brings new direction.  Jesus wasn’t received by His own countryman, but to those who eventually heard and received Him, He gave eternal life.  Jesus suffered greatly in being rejected, but His purpose and pleasure in life weren’t stopped. He wept over the lack of response from Jerusalem, but He experienced great joy in doing the Father’s will and seeing others accept Him.  We have probably all heard or met people who have lost a child by illness or accident.  Though the ache may linger, the parents are able to experience new joys that come from having other children in the family.  The aches from some rejections may resurface but the new life and joys that God brings can heal the hurt.

We pray that as you face episodes of rejection, you will sense your true value and the promising future that awaits you.


Friends of Lighthouse: Almost everyday a single parent, student, or a person under financial stress tells us how grateful they are that Lighthouse provides Christian counseling. We explain it’s because God has brought us friends. Friends of Lighthouse are those of you who financially support Lighthouse Ministries monthly, quarterly, or on special occasions, so we can help people navigate biblically through the rough waters in their lives. A big thank you to the Friends of Lighthouse. You mean a lot to us and those we help. If you’d like to become a Friend of Lighthouse, we have enclosed an envelope for your use.


* For the couples who are teammates again.
* For the woman who received Christ with Debbie this week.
* For the “Friends of Lighthouse” who were a special help this month.

Prayer Requests:

* A new “Be Transformed” group has started. Pray participants would experience personal growth and healing.
* Children from broken families need healthy peers and role models to fill in the gaps left by misdirected parents.
* Some dear people who have been deeply hurt by spouses, need to let the pain go in order to receive God’s comfort and blessings.

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