Beyond Slander: Finding God’s Truth in Father of Lies Part 8

My husband and I climbed aboard the Universal Studios tour tram. Pregnant with our first child, I squeezed my eyes shut when we entered a tunnel that created the optical illusion of us spinning upside down. Telling myself this was only an illusion didn’t settle my already queasy stomach. This clever deception produced a physical response—even when I knew the truth.

Did you know that Satan is a master illusionist? He uses wounds and disappointments to create convincing illusions that turn our view of God upside down. His slander of God, ourselves, and our loved ones leaves us emotionally reeling and questioning truth.

I met a young client who harbored resentment against men. When I probed her past, her mistrust made sense. But she’d gone too far. She believed all men, including her husband and Jesus could not be trusted. Her internal radar ran on high alert, picking up any male within 100 feet that was behaving as a jerk.

Do you wrestle with trusting God in some area of your life? Do you feel He’s failed you, made a mistake in how He designed you, or has a hidden side you can’t trust? Have you believed your past mistakes or current challenges and weaknesses are too big for God to work for good (Romans 8:28)?

We’ve been looking at the Father of Lies and going through the acronym DARTS to help us identify Satan’s schemes. Today we look at the S in DARTS. Satan’s darts Slander God, others, and us.

Devil means slanderer. Slander is a false tale or report maliciously uttered. If we’re not alert, we’ll join the devil in his malignant attacks.

Slander Through Self-Critical Thoughts

Have you considered the source of your self-critical thoughts? I was trying on clothes at a local boutique and complaining about the extra pounds I’ve added. The gal helping me said, “Everyone stands in front of that mirror and zeros in on their weak areas.”

Her words struck me. A woman who works at Anthropology said the same thing. The women she helps consistently cut themselves down when trying on clothes. Where did we get the idea that we’re supposed to be a certain size and shape? That’s like saying we should all wear the same shoe size.

Renaissance paintings show a different ideal for beauty from today’s. Someone pointed out that when food was scarce, fat was desirable. When food is plentiful, thin is in.

We know the father of lies uses the world and the flesh to spin destructive lies. As he did with my young friend, he takes advantage of our vulnerable wounds and distorts our perspective on reality by magnifying a tiny spot out of proportion. I can’t let anyone get close. Remember what happened last time.

In the middle of a good suspense story, there seems to be no good solution to the tangled mess surrounding the protagonist. But when I know the author, I trust the ending.

If a human author can bring all the loose ends of a convoluted mess together to a satisfying conclusion, how much more will our Lord use every shadow and sorrow to bring a magnificent conclusion to His-story.

No matter how tangled a story gets, when I know the author, I trust the ending. If a human can bring all the lose ends together, how much more will our Lord use every shadow to bring a magnificent conclusion to His-story. #trust Share on X

Strength Finder

  • How do you feel when you hear your child or close friend criticize themselves? What about when someone else slanders them? How do you think our heavenly Father feels when you complain about yourself?
  • Have you ever misunderstood or questioned an authority’s motives only later to recognize their wisdom and protection? How can you apply this to our heavenly Father’s care for us?
  • Romans 1:21-22 indicates that the downward slide into loss of understanding begins by refusing to thank and glorify God. When we think we know better than God in any area, we lose our grip on reality. Is there a place you feel God made a mistake? Will you confess that to Him and by faith thank Him for His wisdom? Let’s choose to trust Him with the long game.

Next week we’ll conclude our series by looking at Jesus as our Shield.

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  1. Michele Morin

    I appreciate the reminder that my story is in the hands of a skilled author!

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      Blessed assurance! Me too, Michele.

  2. Barbara Latta

    Satan now uses tools of modern technology to spread his slander. I saw an ad for an AI therapist. Why would a person want to talk to a robot about their problems? More than likely, this machine would be programmed to tell the person solutions that fit with the New Age movement and leave God out of the picture. But if it makes the consumer feel good, the trap is set. Thanks for addressing this important topic, Debbie.

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      Oh my! Just when you think you’ve heard it all. Thanks, Barbara. I think they are trying to eliminate the need for human contact.

    • Linda Stoll

      Oh Barbara, that is so scary.

  3. Ann Musico

    I remember trying to explain to my dad why I trusted Father God so completely and when I compared it to why I trusted his advice – because I knew he always had my best interests at heart – he finally got it. My dad never let me down and God never has and never will.

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      Ann, that is so sweet! What a perfect picture of our good Father.

  4. Joanne Viola

    It is amazing how the enemy knows exactly how to weave a lie unique to each of us. We all don’t fall for the same ones. I am so grateful my story is in the hands of our faithful and loving God.

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      I’m grateful too!

  5. Sarah

    Oh my goodness. Discovering your writing at exactly the time I need to. Thank you for sharing your post on 20th May. So timely!

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      That makes me happy. Thanks, Sarah!

  6. Linda Stoll

    Praising God that our reality is, ‘greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.’ (1 John 4:4)

    Thank You, Jesus!

  7. Yvonne Morgan

    The enemy does know all our weak areas so knows right where to attack. It is so easy to fall for his lies in our weak moments. So important to be in prayer daily to fight off such attacks. Thanks Debbie.

    • Debbie W. Wilson

      He certainly does. Thanks, Yvonne!

  8. J.D. Wininger

    Yes! Satan loves to use his lies to cause us to slander ourselves, doesn’t he? I can remember my younger self. He used biologicals to tell me how worthless I was that I finally started believing that about myself. Oh, the work of redemption He has done. God’s blessings, ma’am.

    • Debbie Wilson

      He does and the whole world system jumps in with him. Thank you for sharing how God has saved you from those lies!

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