Debbie W. Wilson

“Providing resources to deepen your connection with Christ so you can live with confidence and purpose.”

Do you tend to be hard on yourself?

Do busyness, comparison, and daily pressures leave you weary, guilty, and empty? God created you to enjoy life and a rich relationship with Him, others, and yourself.

Jesus promises soul rest to those who come to Him.

Do you need help —

  • Simplifying your life by identifying your top priority?
  • Learning how to let the Lord carry your burdens?
  • Giving yourself a break and enjoying who God designed you to be?

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How do we tap God’s power and experience His presence when life’s responsibilities press in?

For over four decades, Debbie has helped thousands of women develop a deeper connection with Christ and experience a richer life of purpose and freedom. Her books and resources will help you live fearless in Christ, free of critical thoughts and unrealistic expectations.

3 Steps to a Richer Spiritual Life

“He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”

(Psalm 23:3 NIV)

1. Select the book you want

2. Savor your time with the Lord

3. Experience transformation!

Refreshing Faith Blog

Launch Party and Free Gift!

Launch Party and Free Gift!

“What can we do to bring you out of hiding?” My extraverted friend said with an exaggerated sigh. “I’m not hiding,” I said. “I just don’t like being the center of attention.” Building up to the release of Little Strength, Big God required stepping out of my comfort...

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Daniel’s Trust in a Big God

Daniel’s Trust in a Big God

Is any part of your life falling apart? As I’ve watched our country disintegrate, I’ve done more than my share of grumbling and lamenting. From grief to indignation to despair, my emotions have swung the gamut of frustration. Like the Psalmist, I’ve cried out, “How...

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Podcast, Fall Bible Study, and Free Gift

Podcast, Fall Bible Study, and Free Gift

Usually, I post a blog only once a week. However, in anticipation of the release of my new Bible study Little Strength, Big God next week, I wanted to share a recent podcast with Denita Thomas. I hope you enjoy it. If the link doesn't show up in the email, you can...

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Don't live in regret.

One of the biggest regrets women express after experiencing a closer relationship with the Lord is they wish they’d begun sooner. They wish they could redo the past with their renewed perspective. Don’t let that be you. Enjoy the peace and joy of refreshed faith. Start today!

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