How to Ask God for Help

Do questions dog you, wake you up at night, and interrupt your thoughts? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Do you know how to ask God for help?

Recently I’ve heard people wondering—

  • If it’s safe to return to business?
  • What’s the right medical protocol for my issue?
  • Is it wise for my children and grandchildren to fly in for a visit?
  • Does God want me to start a new project?

Even before the complications Covid-19 added, we faced questions that reached beyond our understanding. Where do you go for answers? We Google some questions, but Google can’t help with the personal queries that burden us. 

Ask Google or God

Jesus had a connection better than any internet when He walked the earth. Before His incarnation, Jesus oversaw creation. He understood the inner workings of the universe better than anyone. With all that wisdom He relied on prayer.

After observing His prayer life, a disciple asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. If Jesus needed daily connection with His Father, then, certainly, we need it. In Luke 11:1-13, Jesus showed His disciples and us the art of asking.

Ask God—He’s Your Father

Luke 11:2-4 contains what many call the Lord’s Prayer. Let’s look at these familiar verses in relation to finding answers to our questions.

Father,” (NIV).

Jesus tells His disciples to call God “Father.” This speaks of our special relationship with God through Jesus. It also reminds us to approach God with childlike trust and humility.

We aren’t asking an impersonal computer or busy call center for help. We are approaching One who has a vested interest in us. One who counts us as part of His own family. How He cares for us reflects on Him (Ps. 23:3).

Some say we’re all God’s children. While God created all people, John 1:12 says only those who believe in His name have the right to be called His children.

If you have placed your faith in Jesus as your personal savior, then you have a Father who welcomes your requests. If you haven’t yet done that, He invites you to receive Jesus and become His child.

Remember God’s Nature When You Ask 

Hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come” (NIV).

My husband is a seasoned relationship counselor. If I have a question dealing with people and relationships, I bring it to him. But I don’t ask him for technical support with my computer. He’s a counselor, not a techie.

Hallowed means holy. Our Father grants requests that line up with His nature. Remembering His holy nature automatically helps us eliminate foolish requests.

Does my request agree with God’s character?

Ask God for Daily Needs

Give us each day our daily bread” (NIV).

God provided daily manna for the Hebrews in the wilderness for 40 years. The people were to collect only what they needed for the day. A few foolish people stored some for the next day. The day-old manna was stinky and wormy.

So often we worry about tomorrow instead of trusting God today. God provides the wisdom, direction, and strength I need today. When tomorrow comes, the grace I need for that day will be there. Learning to look to God for my daily needs teaches me to trust Him and removes my fears of the future.

How many of your concerns deal with the future? How might trusting God with today’s needs help you not worry about tomorrow?

So often we worry about tomorrow instead of trusting God today. How might trusting God with today's needs help you not worry about tomorrow? #BigGod Share on X

Ask God with a Clean Heart—Forgiven and Forgiving

Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us” (NIV).

If we have trouble forgiving, we only need to remember how much God has forgiven us. Remembering the words, actions, or attitudes we wish we could retract keeps us humble before God and people. And by receiving God’s forgiveness, we have grace to extend to others. This clears any blocked channels so we can better hear from God.

Has unforgiveness hampered my connection to God? What do I need to confess and forsake? Who do I need to forgive?

A Different Kind of Protection

And lead us not into temptation.” (NIV).

God never tempts anyone (James 1:13). So why does Jesus include this?

It reminds us to ask for protection and to be aware of the danger of temptation. It’s not a sin to be tempted. Jesus was tempted, yet He never sinned (Heb. 4:15). But avoiding temptation is better than battling it.

I once read of a study where individuals were put in a room with a plate of fragrant chocolate chip cookies one at a time and told not to eat any. Other individuals were set in front of a plate of radishes and told not to eat.

Afterwards, both groups were given a set of problems to solve. Those who hadn’t exhausted themselves resisting the cookies spent more time solving the problems before they gave up. The researchers concluded that resisting temptation taxes our strength and energy.

When we put ourselves in positions to be tempted, whether in our thoughts or our circumstances, we drain strength and energy that could be channeled to more profitable endeavors. This includes avoiding the temptation to worry.

Jesus Promises—Everyone Who Asks Receives

Using a parable of contrast, Jesus shows the reward of bringing our requests to God. If a reluctant friend and faulty human fathers give good gifts to those who ask, how much more will our perfect heavenly Father answer us when we ask.

The Most Important Ask

Jesus concluded by telling His disciples to ask for the Holy Spirit. Today, the Holy Spirit indwells every believer (Rom. 8:9). But we still need to ask God to fill us afresh every day (Ephesians 5:18). Whatever fills us controls us. A person filled with worry acts very different from one filled with hope. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we manifest His fruit (Gal. 5:22-23), have the power to resist sin (Gal. 5:16), and understand His will for each day.

When you need help, ask God. Your heavenly Father wants to help you.

A person filled with #worry acts very different from one filled with #hope. When we're filled with the Holy Spirit, we manifest love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Share on X


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  1. Ann Musico

    Beautiful Debbie. I remember explaining my relationship with God to my dad saying just as I would go to him if I needed a different perspective or some wisdom about an issue and I knew he would always give me his best because he wanted only the best for me – so my Heavenly Father did even more and I could trust Him with anything and everything.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Ann, what a lovely picture and witness of your father and to him. Yes, we can trust Him! I want to focus on Him and not what’s wrong in the world.

  2. Michele Morin

    Remembering God’s character and nature can be such a game changer for me. He is invested in my growth and my good–I may not perceive the definitions of these words in the same way, and that’s where I run into trouble!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Michele, that is a total game-changer. And yes, what He calls good does stretch us. What He allows in the book of Job seems way over the top to me. But if Job could trust God through all of that and be sorry he ever questioned Him, who am I to question Him?

  3. Melissa Henderson

    A wonderful and encouraging message. I am thankful we can go to God at any time and share conversation with Him.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Me too, Melissa. And I’ve enjoyed thinking over these Scriptures and looking to Him to meet my daily needs. So refreshing!

  4. Jeanne Doyon

    Your message is timely. Yours and others as well. Tell me I need to ask and seek God’s wisdom for the questions I’m facing.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Jeanne, it’s always refreshing when the Lord uses His word to speak to our current needs. Blessings to you.


    Loved this teaching, so very clear – and yes so often we go last to the place that we should go first!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Well said, Sharon. Thanks.

  6. Julie Lavender

    Even with all that wisdom, “He relied on prayer.” I just love that thought, Debbie! Thank you for sharing!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Julie, that should tell us something, shouldn’t it? Thanks for reading!

  7. J.D. Wininger

    How I loved this line Ms. Debbie; “Ask Google or God.” What a great way to get right to the heart of the matter ma’am. It seems we tend to seek the world more often than we do the Word! Your statement convicted me to consider how many times per day do I pray versus the number of times I use Google(tm) or some other search engine. I even use “scripture + ” as a Google search to help find Bible references faster or confirm what I think I have memorized. Great lessons here ma’am. Thank you; and please say “Hey” to Mr. Larry for me.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Thank you, J. D., and I will tell Larry hello!

  8. Elena Wiggins

    I’ve been rereading and posting insights from one of my favorite books, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, which has been an encouragement and reminder to trust in the power, love, nearness, vigilance of my Good Shepherd, and in turn, helped me call to him with more abandon!

    • Debbie Wilson

      I read that many years ago. What a wonderful way to apply it, Elena.

  9. Mary Geisen

    Thank you for walking us through the Lord’s Prayer. I am the person who asks a lot of questions because I want to know all the details of what’s next. I wonder how many times I forget that I have a Father who wants nothing more than to sit with me and answer every little detail in His way and His timing. This was a great post, Debbie!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Mary, I needed that reminder too. How wonderful He invites us to bring Him our questions.

  10. Amy Jung

    If I had a dime for every time I’ve googled instead of prayed! Very convicting! Thank you for the gentle reminder to go to God. I’m trying not to withhold from asking God for all things big and small.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Amy, I google all the time too. Reading this passage reminded me how much God wants to help me with my questions and needs.

  11. Jeannie Waters

    Debbie, you offered a wonderful explanation of this prayer. I tweeted your statements. I appreciate your reminder to be filled with the Holy Spirit : “Whatever fills us controls us. A person filled with worry acts very different from one filled with hope. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we manifest His fruit…”

    • Debbie Wilson

      Thank you, Jeannie. Isn’t it wonderful God has provided His Holy Spirit to fill us a fresh every day?

  12. Maribeth Ditmars

    Thank you for reminding me of the beauty and the power of the Lord’s prayer. I am in recovery, and we say that prayer at the end of every meeting. That is also why I like Ephesians 5:18.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Maribeth, it is a powerful prayer and wonderful reminder of our constant need to rely on Jesus. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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