Would You Like to Build a Hero’s Faith?

I walked onto the porch and spotted a huge spider web. I retreated to grab a broom. As I marched outside my son stopped me. “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Getting rid of the web.”

“Don’t. Sit and watch the spider with me.”

Watching spiders is not my preferred pastime. But I saw my son was serious, so I complied.

Together we watched the spider weave a perfect pattern. I marveled at her patience and skill. Who taught a spider to measure and create such intricate lace? I remembered this evidence of our Creator while reading Tortured for Christ.

Last week my husband, daughter, and I saw the film Tortured for Christ. It’s the story of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor, and his years under the communist. Larry and I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina many years ago. Having witnessed their radiant faith in person I had hope I could endure watching a small sampling of their suffering.

Wurmbrand grew up as an atheist. After his own conversion he had a great desire to tell Russians, who’d been seeped in atheism, about Christ. In the book, he describes a Russian couple he met. Both were sculptors who worked on a statue of Stalin.

The thumb’s importance struck the wife as she worked. She concluded that if God had not created heaven and earth, as Marxism taught, and had only created the thumb, He was worthy of praise. Since the communist said nobody was in heaven, she decided to worship the “Nobody” who’d created the thumb.

Since the communist said nobody was in heaven, she decided to worship the “Nobody” who’d created the thumb. #Devotional, #praise Share on X

Wurmbrand heard their thoughts and introduced them to the One who’d made not only the thumb but also heaven and earth. Learning Christ’s name and that He loved them and had died for them gave them unspeakable joy.

Preparing for Suffering

Knowing imprisonment was inevitable, Wurmbrand memorized 366 verses to combat fear—one for every day of the year including an extra one for leap year. The communist kidnapped him on February 29, 1948.

Pastor Wurmbrand knew torture awaited him in prison. He said those who called themselves Christians fell into two camps: “those who sincerely believe in God, and those who, just as sincerely, believe that they believe in God.”[1] He hoped he belonged to the first group.

As I’ve read Tortured for Christ I’ve wondered which group I belong to. Would I have the courage to endure relentless cruelty for years on end for my Lord? Would I love my enemies and pray for them to be saved from their sin and the punishment they deserve?

Wurmbrand passed the test. May we do the same in our daily lives and challenges.

Would you like to build a hero’s faith?

The Russian sculptors and the biblical ancients shared something in common. They believed in the Creator. Their faith grew as they followed God. Some paths led to joy; others included martyrdom. Their faith commended them before God.

I’m offering an eight-week study for women on my new study from Hebrews 11 called How to Grow a Hero’s Faith in a Hostile World. I’d love for you to join me.

Join us over the Internet on Wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:00 p.m EST from March 28-May 16th. Each week is divided into five daily lessons to inspire and fertilize your faith. Click here for details.

Question: When have you been awed by God?

Learn how to grow a hero's faith in an 8-week online study. #devotional #faith Share on XBlessings,

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[1] https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/75829-in-god-s-underground

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  1. Pam Ecrement

    What a powerful testimony, Deb! Your online study is going to be amazing. It won’t work in my schedule, but eager to hear how God moves and to hear the release of the book!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Pam, I’m experimenting with the time because my evening have been so full. But I may need to change it. Love hearing from you!

  2. Ann Musico

    That sounds like such a powerful testimony. Those are very good questions we should all ask ourselves honestly: “Would I have the courage to endure relentless cruelty for years on end for my Lord? Would I love my enemies and pray for them to be saved from their sin and the punishment they deserve?”

    I pray I would and that we all would.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Ann, I pray I would too. But it would be only by God’s grace. I know how weak I am. Wurmbrand’s testimony has made me pray more for the persecuted church and want to help them. He started a ministry called Voice of the Martyrs.

  3. Henni Towler Corbin

    When have I been awed by God? Sometimes, my love for my son is so fierce that I can not give adequate words to it. We have been taught since childhood, “God is Love.” If what I feel for my son is what God’s pure essence is; enlarged times infinity, then the human glimpse we are given of what love is…AWES me.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Henni, that is precious and makes it all the more amazing that we are called children of God!

  4. Dianne Thornton

    Beautiful, powerful story, Debbie. I am awed and inspired by those who suffer and give their lives for our faith. Your Hebrews 11 study sounds wonderful!

    • Debbie Wilson

      Dianne, such people inspire me too. Thanks so much for joining us.

  5. Michele Morin

    Wednesday evenings are usually church nights for us . . .shucks.
    This sounds like a great project, Debbie, and I love that chapter of the Bible.

    • Debbie Wilson

      I know it is for some, Michele. I just have conflicts within the eight weeks on other nights. Would love to have you contribute your wisdom! Maybe another time.

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