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The knot in the pit of my stomach reminded me of my disappointment. “Lord, what do you want me to learn from this” I prayed. The disappointment was nothing earth shaking, but something I had looked forward to. Something I’d spent money, time and effort on, and it had not lived up to its billing. Now it was installed and part of my life.

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I sensed the Lord asking me to trust Him. As I reviewed the facts I realized Larry and I had done our research, sought God’s leading, and done the best we could with the knowledge we had. One of the purchases met our expectation; there had been no way to predict that the second one would not. The lesson for me was to trust God with what I could not understand.

I don’t like to make mistakes. I know you don’t either. Sometimes I let things I can’t control gnaw at me.

Letting go of my mistakes and trusting God to use them for my good and His glory is where faith meets life (Rom. 8:28).

Trusting God to use disappointment for my good and His glory is where faith meets life. Click To Tweet

In the car I thanked God for being in control. I thanked Him that His will for me was perfect (Romans 12:2) even when it didn’t make sense to me. I told Him that I would choose to trust Him with it.

Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning came to mind. When Frankl suffered in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, he started viewing his and his companions’ suffering through a scientific lens. Picturing being able to share those lessons after his release brought meaning to his life. If a scientific lens could help Frankl find meaning and survive wartime horror, surely a spiritual lens can help me overcome my disappointments.

Knowing that my experience would not be wasted if I chose to trust God renewed my hope. Faith pleases and honors God. Knowing God uses all things to help us become more like Christ means nothing we go through is wasted (Rom. 8:28-29).

Trust is developed through use. Problems of any size are opportunities to grow stronger and know God better. Joy and peace are the byproduct of trusting Him (Rom. 15:13).

Why would I allow something small or large to rob my peace when God offers me overflowing hope and joy?

What is burdening you? A disappointment, mistake, a loss, or problem? Join me in the adventure of faith as we develop the habit of living our faith.

Our response to disappointment is often more important than the mistake that created our letdown. For me, this usually means exchanging regret for thanksgiving.

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  1. Diane

    Debbie = A good reminder to trust. We had a time recently where I just kept hearing in my spirit “He knows what I need” and truly the Lord did.

  2. what a beautiful blog. Yes, please continue to send.

    What a beautiful writer you are. Thank you for this.

  3. Susie Browne

    Thank you, Debbie, for challenging me through this article to:

    1. Learn to let go and trust God with the things that I cannot understand nor control because the bottom line is that God is in control and trustworthy.

    2. View life’s disappoints through a spiritual lens as an opportunity to know God better and honor Him by faith.

    I know from experience having a thankful heart relieves me from stress and frustrations, but how I needed to be reminded of that.

  4. Pat

    Sweet Debbie,
    Who would not want to keep reading with an opening sentence like that.Thanks for the best example for how to honor God! Your words inspire me to press on.

  5. Gwen

    What I just recently learned Debbie, is that faith is built on memory. Remembering how God worked for the good in our past, allows us to feel comfort in him in the present. No decisions come with any guarantee. Our actions or decisions are only one part of the scenario. Only God can see the WHOLE picture. I love getting your blogs and getting to comment.

  6. Janis

    You are so right. God does not make mistakes. Even things that appear to be “mistakes” are under His control. The life of Joseph is a great example. Those were sweet thoughts. Thanks.

  7. Calvonia Radford

    Letting go of my mistakes and trusting God to use them for my good and His glory is where faith meets life (Rom. 8:28). This scriptural reference is my favorite verse. I’ve never interpreted it with your lens. You are so right, letting go of my mistakes is key because then and only then can God use it for his glory. That’s good news. Thanks for sharing.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Isn’t that refreshing! What a Savior! Thanks, Calvonia.

  8. Rachel Britton

    I faced a disappointment today. Something I’d prayed for went completely the other way. So, I appreciated reading the words that faith pleases and honors God.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Amen, Rachel. I believe that God often uses disappointment to help us get in touch with our deeper desires which for the believer always include wanting to please Him. You did that with your response of faith. Blessings to you.

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