10 Bible Verses to Protect You From Evil

While I’m still on break I thought you might enjoy a slide show I put together for Crosswalk.com.

10 Bible Verses about Evil to Protect You from Harm

“I don’t like her.” I was probably seven years old when I told my mother my reservations about a woman who was going to be my aunt. My uncle had brought his striking fiancée to meet the family. She smiled, but something about her said “Beware.”

When your child tells you she doesn’t like someone, how do you respond? Or when you feel wary about someone in a respected position, what do you do? Often Christian parents tell their child, “Now sweetie, we’re supposed to love everyone.” They incorrectly believe that love means trusting. Click here to finish reading.

Online Bible Study

Ladies, I’d love to have you join me for an online Bible study this summer on Give Yourself a Break.

When: Thursdays, June 8th-August 17th;  8 -9:30 p.m. EST.

Where: Online—in your pjs!

Reserve your spot: Please contact me so we can get back with the details of how to connect. The study will lead you into God’s peace and rest in 10 areas where many of us struggle with unrest. The first week will be a meet and greet time. Order your book here. Hope to connect with you soon!

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Photo by: John Mark Kuzniet


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  1. Ann

    What a wonderful post Debbie and so very true! Children do see things we often don’t or don’t let ourselves see.

    • Debbie Wilson

      Thank you, Ann. We just returned for Israel last night and were reminded of the evil in the world. Gong through the London-Heathrow airport after the recent bombing showed they believe in the importance of screening against evil doers. We almost missed our connecting flight because of the security.

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